Kirshner Law seeks to bridge the legal gap.

Many Missourians fall into the legal gap between those who can comfortably afford full legal services and the poor who can qualify for free, legal aid programs.

The Mission

To show God's love to working-class Missourians by providing access to compassionate, quality, legal services which they otherwise may not be able to afford.

Family Law Fees

Legal fees are based on an hourly rate.  Your total legal bill will include legal fees, court filing fees, and any other direct costs associated with your case.

The base rate is $150 per hour.  Discounts are offered from that rate based on total household income, household size, and a few other financial considerations.  In other words, if you make $10,000 per year but just received a $1 million inheritance, you can expect to pay $150 per hour, not $75 per hour.

The chart below is provided for price indication purposes only. 

Fees Snapshot

The following information is subject to change without notice until an attorney-client services agreement has been signed.

How much money do I need to get started?

For family/domestic litigation, the initial retainer amount due is equal to a minimum of 5 hrs of work.

How much will I need to pay in total?

This is difficult to answer.  Every case is different.  Every client is different.

Service Areas

The counties of Boone, Cole, Callaway, Audrain, Cooper, Randolph, and Howard.

How can you afford to offer these prices?

Successful businesses are committed to their missions and are willing to adapt strategies as necessary.  In short, the strategy is as follows:

  • Utilize technology and concepts from process engineering to keep productivity high and costs low.
  • Collect retainers up-front and hold that money in a client trust account until it is earned.  In that way, neither time nor money are lost chasing payments.
  • Get paid for all work completed.  Kirshner Law does not accept contingency fee cases.
  • Manage practice depth and complexity.  The need for legal services in the basic-to-moderate complexity range is great.  If you have a complex case, I would be happy to refer you to one of my legal mentors or to another trusted colleague.

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