Handling Cases Such As:  Uncontested Dissolution of Marriage; Contested Dissolution of Marriage; Incarcerated Spouse; Spouse's Whereabouts Unknown; Paternity Testing; Child Custody; Child Support; Orders of Protection; etc.


Separation, Support, & Divorce

You are not alone.  Approximately 4 of 10 first-marriages end in divorce.  Divorce can be emotionally, mentally, and financially draining. Understanding the legal steps involved may help lessen feelings of anxiety or frustration during the divorce process.  Therefore, find a competent attorney with whom you can comfortably and effectively communicate.


Custody, Support, & Modification

According to some Pew Research Center studies, two-parent households are in decline and 40% of U.S. children are born to unmarried women.  Orders for child custody and support are both common and necessary. Parents should understand their rights and responsibilities before seeking to establish or modify these orders.


Orders of Protection

Domestic violence is a serious problem.  Civil orders of protection may be available to help prevent violence against a spouse, a domestic partner, a child, or a roommate.

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